January 23, 2015


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Thestrokingedge.com was an online magazine run by Donna Dewberry. Donna who is American was born in November 1953 and is a well-known artist and author, with an impressive tally of more than seventy books to her name. It was Donna Dewberry that developed the technique called one stroke painting.

With reputation as a quality designer, educator and manufacturer of many craft items Donna has been a regular on many television shows, one which was called The Donna Dewberry Show. Her licensed textile products feature in many shops around the world including the mighty Wal-Mart.

One stroke painting is a creative technique that’s fast and quick to learn as by painting in this way enables artists to accomplish blending, highlighting and shading all in one stroke.

This method of painting can be applied to almost everything and is a must for all artists and crafters. From tins too wood, walls too furniture you can practically use this artistic technique anywhere

To help sustain the one stroke technique it is possible to become an instructor in these techniques and become certified by attending a course. There are many thousand of these practitioners around the world.

July 26, 2016

The School Of Puzzles

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A friend of mine was recently made maths coordinator at her Primary School. She has a love of maths more than anybody I have ever met. Her plan is to try to pass on this love of everything maths onto the 210 pupils at her primary school. For the last year she has busied herself with various events supporting the maths curriculum. I have a daughter at the school and they recently had a n event held by The School Puzzle Company. www.theschoolpuzzlecompany.co.uk. This fantastic company use large versions of puzzles allowing children to work in groups whilst trying to solve a series of challenges suing logical thinking and thinking skills. My daughter came back buzzing with enthusiasm for maths on this day. MY friend’s plan is clearly working and who knows how many budding mathematicians she will have under her wing over the next few years

January 23, 2015

The Art of Spending Less

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I was recently asked to organise a cross curricular day of educational workshops for out year nines at school but was old that due to the lack of finances currently available that I would have to organise all of the activities in house. With a budget of a few hundred pounds to, organise a days activities for 200 plus miserable teenagers, I searched the internet for ideas and once I had works out what activities we could run I needed some items to aid the facilitation of the sessions.  I found a great website selling team building equipment. It was the little items like blindfolds, barrier tape that helped to really make the activities feel a little bit more real in what the students were asked to do. The most enjoyed activity was sheep and shepherd where the students were asked to nominate a shepherd to round up the sheep played by all remaining team members. The sheep were all blindfolded and they had had to make a non-verbal code to communicate. A great day was had and I even had some change from a whole day of team building for schools activities.

Japanese Crazes

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It was on my recent trip to Japan that I was a amazed by the variety bizarre and intriguing items that you can buy and the strangest of crazes that the Japanese throw themselves into. It was walking through electronic city where you can buy every gadget known to the planet. From USB toy dogs that do sit ups too a top of the range computer. It was whilst walking through this bewildering place that you realise how obsessed the nation is by computer games and the characters that make up such games. Hundreds of woman dressed as “maids” that are characters from the games offer you the chance to do the same and dress up and fit in to what  can only be described as  a slightly seedy phenomenon. The leaflets they handed out all had intricate drawings of fine standard depicting the characters. The Japanese artists of the Manga style really do have impressive artistic skill

Within half an hour I had witnessed at least 5 new computer games launches with all the tension and excitement of an olympic parade. The whole place was buzzing and it was a feast for the senses. But it was on my way back to the highly efficient train that I came across the creme de la creme of the day. Blindfolds that were USB powered that slowly massaged your brow. What will they think of next!

School Open Evenings

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It was during a recent relatives evening at my nieces primary school that I got a real insight to school life and what actually goes on in today’s education. Not yet having any children of my own, my knowledge of the world of schooling and education is based on my own experiences some twenty years ago. This situation that many will be familiar with does not really help us appreciate what does go on in modern schools of today. Should it be this way? We pay taxes that make such establishments run, so we really should not walk around as though we are wearing blindfolds. Instead we should pay an interest in our local schools, even if we don’t have any particular offspring there.?It was the abundance of displays that really opened my eyes. Ranging from reception all the way through to year 6 the displays highlights what different stages each different years are at. Numeracy and literacy displays were interesting but it was the alternative activities that I really thought were great. There was one display showing a circus skills workshop and another showing a day spent participating in team building activities. Such workshops for schools really do enrich the curriculum and help to make different experiences and opportunities for today’s school children to participate.?It really was an eye opening experience that I am sure I will learn more when I have my on children or perhaps I will look into becoming a school governor.


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